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More about Custom Solutions

More about Custom Solutions for Microsoft Office and Outlook

Deployment and Licensing

At 4Team, we clearly understand that the cost of solution deployment very often turns out to be higher than the cost of the solution itself. We have an immense amount of experience deploying third-party solutions in our company, as well as our own solutions for our customers.
We have adapted our up-to-date solutions for easy deployment for small and mid-sized businesses.

Areas of specialization:

  • Working with Outlook Data:
    • When Outlook is running (classic Outlook add-ins). >>
    • When Outlook is not running.
      Our software accesses Outlook data via MAPI directly, without interference from the Outlook application (i.e. without opening or starting Outlook in the background). >>
  • Working with non-Outlook contacts and e-mails:
  • Various types data management (contacts, appointments, e-mails, other Outlook items; files; database records):
    • Synchronization, i.e. establishing consistency among data on several of your devices. >>
    • Sharing, i.e. establishing consistency among data on your devices and other devices to provide somebody else with an access to your data. >>
    • Import / Export from/to database; from/to vCard, vCalendar, iCalendar file formats. >>
    • Backup / Restore. Archiving.
      Standard backup and archiving software cannot copy Outlook Data Files while Outlook is running. Our software can. >>
    • Duplicate search and management. >>
    • Automation or acceleration of manual input. >>
    • Fast and convenient data access, as well as searching and viewing data.
    • Access Rights management. >>
  • Our solutions:
    • link several Outlooks
    • link Outlook with a database*
    • transfer data:
      • with or without an Exchange server
      • via e-mails (even without direct Internet access)
      • using a central server (e.g. your corporate server) or service (e.g. Google Calendar™)
      • via direct connection
      • via Web Services
      • via external USB device (USB stick or flash drive)
      • via shared network folder
      • via FTP server
      • etc.
    • include various Mail tools, Contacts tools, Time Saving tools, etc.
* - Please note that Sync2DB is a unique product that can be customized by you to provide flexible synchronization (sharing, import, export, backup, etc.) of Outlook data with your particular database.

Multi-language Support

Our regular products support multi-language versions (Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc.). Your custom solution can be implemented with a user interface in the language of your choice.

Software development process:

  1. Contact us with your solution description or Statement of work. If you cannot write it yourself, we can prepare it for you.
  2. The custom solution implementation conforming to the Statement of Work will be quoted after its approval. If your solution is based on an existing product of ours, then your quote will include the product licenses and customization.
  3. Development, testing and documentation
  4. Deployment and maintenance
In some cases this process may be different. To learn more about the development life cycle click here (wikipedia).

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