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Geoff Halfhide, United Kingdom (ShareO)

"I have been running ShareO for a year or two now at my office and, apart from a few occasional glitches, have found it exceedingly useful and a very cost-effective solution to sharing contacts and diaries. Each update has improved the performance of the product and I can't see any faults at all now. Whenever we have had a problem, your online chat help has always been able to fix it (last time it took them about 1 1/2 hours). In the office I have combined it with vPOP3, which is an internal mail server system and this saves sending the updates out as an e-mail into the ether, all work within the intranet; it's far cheaper than buying comparative Microsoft products. I have just installed ShareO on my computer at home as I find that the updating process works just as well via the internet, so this keeps me up to date, particularly if working from home. I am now recommending the system to clients and shall shortly be helping one of them to install ShareO on their four computers (I'm an accountant but advise on IT matters as well) Keep up the good work.""

Nik Sargent, UK (Duplicate Killer for Microsoft Outlook)

"... This wonderful bit of software is more powerful than its name suggests. As well as being able to identify and "kill" duplicates, perhaps more usefully it is able to merge records. You can do this fully automatically (identifying duplicates any way you choose, e.g. by names, by email etc.) or you can work through the gathered list of duplicates step-by-step, manually changing the fixes that the tool suggests. I have to say, so far I have found I am only having to change about 5% of the suggestions - but being the cautious type I am sticking with the manual preview.

The tool can also do similar tricks on your inbox and calendar - perhaps not something you would use quite as often, although non-the-less still useful (I do sometimes end up with duplicate appointments where both I and someone else create an appointment for the same meeting).

I thoroughly recommend "duplicate killer" if your Outlook contact database needs a good spring clean... "

Robinson, Earl E, USA (Sendlater)

SendLater is truly a tool that enhances my personal productivity. I work for Lockheed Martin as a project manager of 20+ project managers and as such I continuously send email reminders as well as progress reports. This tool has allowed me to completely automate these tasks that I have to perform manually each day... The grab feature is truly powerful. All I have to do now is update my progress reports and not worry about the distribution... As a software developer, I always assume, before I begin to develop, if I have a thought of a productivity aid then someone else must have also. This is what led me to search for a tool that does what Sendlater does most eloquently. I especially like how you use the existing reoccurring dialog box that is used for meeting setups minimizing ramp up time.
Thanks for the work on this product.

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